Command Tasks and Initiative Exercises

Command Tasks and Initiative Excersises

We build and install specialist command tasks for customers who are involved in teaching leadership. We have a range of ‘standard’ tasks such as the Wall and Spiders Web – but we also provide bespoke installations such as Dinosaur Logs which were constructed to a customer brief – ‘We want something unusual, adventurous and unique, which we can get a good debrief out of!’


Made of
Fully welded steel frameworks – galvanised for durability and longevity – two-part specialist paint finishes in colours of your choice – 16mm steel cored play grade combination rope, re-cycled plastics, tannelised timber work and specialist plywood’s.

Included in the price
Engineer’s inspection, galvanising and paint finish, safety signs, Operating Procedures, Risk Assessment and Inspection Manual, Access Training, Instructor Training, Inspection Training, First Annual Inspection.

Price range
£5000 – £50,000 depending on number of elements and size of construction

Examples of Command Tasks and Initiative Exercises we have seen or inspected in our travels