Q A lot of your constructions are made from steel – do you only build in steel?

A No! We use timber poles as well. We can build using any material – however the longest lasting – and therefore the best value is steel. It can be easily modified, welded, painted or replaced. If it’s galvanised it will last even longer.  But we can – and do – use timber.

Q Do you put timber poles into the ground?

A Yes we do – although we prefer not to. The only other industry that puts wood into the ground is the fencing industry. Sooner or later timber is going to rot – and replacing ground placed poles is messy, time consuming and expensive. Poles placed in steel boots can be quickly replaced. It is a myth that placing poles in boots is more expensive – it’s easier and creates a lot less mess – and in the long term is about the same price.

Q Have you heard the rumours about poles rotting?

A Yes we have – since the tannelising regulations changed some years ago several poles have rotted well before their time. Above ground pole placements should now be seriously considered as standard.