High Ropes on Steel Structures

We are well aware that steel is not generally as aesthetically pleasing as wood. However steel is much more versatile that timber in the Ropes Course context – and has a number of tremendous advantages –

  • Provided that it is galvanised – or properly maintained – it will last twice as long as timber – probably 3 or 4 times as long.
  • It can be easily repaired, altered or modified
  • It is not subject to infestations or woodpecker attack
  • It does not rot like wood.
  • It is structurally far stronger than wooden poles and steel cable

It does have the initial dis-advantage that it is initially more expensive than timber – but this is easily overridden by the long term value.

We have a number of products shown below to demonstrate the versatility of steel –


High Ropes Courses




Linear High Ropes Courses

Zip Wire Frames and Ramps



Activity Towers