Safety Systems


There are many systems on the market today – and more as innovations devise yet more cunning ways to keeps us safe. However it is important to think about what you are trying to do with your system? And different safety systems allow for different experiences.

Our roots lie in outdoor education – and so we like to see involvement with the course – engagement. Having to ‘take part’ in the experience may cut down slightly on customer throughput – but it’s a small sacrifice when compared against customer satisfaction.

We are happy to fit any approved system but these are our current recommendations – please note that you can mix and match. Our course at Celtic Manor has two systems – Saferoller on the lower course – which is predominantly for children – and Bornack on the upper course which is for older children and Adults.


We really like the SSB system – it allows participants to go in any direction – as well as make route choices – and up and down. Importantly they engage in their experience of negotiating the elements.  Have a look at this video to see how it works –


If you want throughput Saferoller is the way to go – and especially good for courses which are mainly for smaller participants.



You have to go a long way to get better PPE – need we say more?