As well as designing and building some of the most exciting and challenging adventure and training installations in the UK, we offer a range of supporting services for UK and overseas customers, either as part of a turnkey project or for those who need advice or support on planned and existing installations.

Consultancy Services

We  have a wealth of experience designing and building adventure and training structures to the highest international safety standards. That experience is available to you whether you just want an informal chat or a site visit and detailed proposal. If you’re planning a course of your own, we can arrange a visit to one of our showcase sites and discuss in detail how the project was conceived, designed and rolled out.

We can advise you on:

    • course design
    • safety
    • training
    • construction standards
    • operational requirements

Inspection Services

Ropes Course Inaugural Inspection by Type A Inspector to EN 15567 Part 1
EN 15567 requires an inaugural inspection of all new ropes courses before commissioning. We can provide the independent inspection services required.

Ropes Course Retro Inspection to EN 15567
For courses build prior to 2009, this inspection will tell you what is required to bring it up to current standards and conformity with EN 15567.

Regular Rope Course Inspections
All ropes courses must be inspected at regular intervals, before use and then monthly, quarterly and annually. Rope Course Construction can deliver all of these inspections.

Climbing Towers and Climbing Walls
Artificial climbing structures, walls and towers, come under EN 12572 which requires a recordable inspection regime.  The frequency of inspections will depend on the number of users and level of use as well as the environment to which the structure is exposed.  We can provide the qualified inspection services required for detailed annual inspections.

Scaffold Towers
Strict safety regulations also apply to scaffolding towers. Our qualified scaffold inspector can ensure that a tower complies before use and provide ongoing inspection as necessary.

Other Adventure Constructions
Certain types of adventure installations – low ropes and assault courses as examples – do not come under the remit of EN 15567 or EN 12572. We therefore use EN 1176, the standard which applies to playground equipment, to inspect these installations and to verify they are fit for purpose and safe to use.

Full Operational Inspections
As part of our consultancy services we can carry out a full review of all aspects of your operation covering Risk Assessments, Operating Procedures and Safety Management Systems – as well as reviewing your ropes courses and adventure installations at the same time.

Maintenance Contract Inspections
If you use our maintenance contract services we will carry out a survey of your course(s) which will allow us to quote you an annual fee to cover inspections, replacement of equipment and all aspects of repair. An all-embracing inspection and maintenance service that can deliver real peace of mind.

Inspection Costs
Broadly an Inaugural Type A Inspection or Retro Type A Inspection will cost in the region of £900 plus travelling expenses – this assumes that all works can be carried out in a day.

Type C Inspections using EN 15567, 12572 or 1176 will cost between £280 to £580 per day plus travelling expenses – depending on the type of installation and the available information about the construction – calculations and drawings.

There will be an additional expense should you wish to have the high ropes inspections registered by the European Ropes Course Association.


We are able to repair, maintain and improve all types of adventure installation – if your equipment looks like the examples below please do give us a call.

Note: Many ropes courses in the UK are now getting old and some of the poles are now showing signs of rot. Rope Course Construction has developed a method of concreting in the underground part of the pole – treating the pole with specialist anti rotting treatments.