Zip Wires

We have a wide range of zip wire bases and models – plus we are able to install bespoke installations to suit your location.

RCC are at the forefront of BIG Zip wire installation – The longest Zip Wire in the England is now up and running – as is the longest Zip Wire in Scotland – both built by RCC – and approved to EN 15567!

NDAC Big Zip

Our next project – over 4Km’s of wire is now at planning permission.

And we have a 2.1KM site under review!!

More exciting projects are due soon!

Plus we are on the lookout for a location for the longest zip wire in the World – it really needs to be in the UK! –  If you have a spot in mind, do get in touch.

Varies according to location and zip run terrain.

Made of
Tannelised Timber or Painted Galvanised Steel – or attached to existing suitable structures.

Single, Double or Quadruple Zip Wires – 50M – 2000M plus.

Price range
£9,000 to £500,000  depending on size length, number of wires and infrastructure requirements.